Purchase and sale
of Precious Stones
in Brussels

Brussels Achat d’Or, apart from diamonds, focuses on other precious stones. « Precious stone » is the common name for certain gems that are described as rare, beautiful and hard.

Four types are classified as follows:





Notice therefore to those who want to create jewels set with precious stones, that with Bruxelles Achat d’Or, they will, as always, be thrilled. We are going to give you so much information about these gems that you will feel the desire to know them completely by visiting us.

The house also buys all available gems. But before going into details, it is important to know the specifics of these stones.

Originally in their pure form, they were colorless but the chemical elements present during their formation mixed and gave them a color. It can be said that all gemstones come from two sources: biological or mineral. Through the centuries, they are considered valuable and were currencies of exchange.

Great monarchs and royalty around the world loved to adorn themselves with these jewels, they are so magnificent and powerful. And these stones are known everywhere because they represent an object of belief and they are even attributed medicinal and magical powers. Science has come a long way since then and with it a new classification and value system has emerged.

With these new features, the precious stone designation is no longer limited to these four main stones but has been extended to certain gems such as topaz, tanzanite, amethyst, garnet... To assess the quality of a precious stone , a series of criteria is necessary: ​​the weight in carats, the purity, the color and the quality of the cut. You should know that one carat is equivalent to 0.2 g.

Buying and selling Emerald

Name Origin

The emerald is derived from a Persian name but came to us in Latin as "Smaragdus". She belongs to the Beryls family. The first emeralds were mined in Egypt and the Indo-Iranian region we know as Afghanistan today. It is a stone that has a hydrothermal origin.


For those who want to promote love, offer a jewel set with limpid green emerald at a low price to your better half. Bruxelles Achat d'or will advise you as much as possible.

Scientists explained that its formation is due to the intrusion of magma into rocks. So, the fusion of rocks rich in Beryllium and rocks that contain a lot of Chromium allowed the birth of the stone. It may seem strange to find them in the same stone because theoretically, from a chemical point of view, these rocks are incompatible.

Beryllium determines the structure of the emerald and Chromium is responsible for the unique green color that animates this stone. The magma seeps through the rocks and their mixing results in the creation of fine hexagonal crystals. This union is not without consequences because most emeralds are not of good quality but clear and opaque.

Rare emeralds are very intense and limpid green in color at the same time. Their purity is their flaw because even beautiful emeralds contain tiny inclusions. Emerald is also a two-faceted stone that can bring good luck. It requires unfailing loyalty from the person who wears it.

Buying and selling Sapphire

Name Origin

The origin of this name is oriental and in Hebrew it is literally "the most beautiful thing". As sapphire is truly and traditionally blue, there are various palettes from the most unfathomable to the faintest that vaguely resemble the sky. Deep sea blue, wild blue like the eyes of a Burmese feline, it symbolizes the mysterious woman.


The light of the sapphire invites prudence, fidelity and ensures lasting peace in the soul. All in all, sapphire is an ideal stone for couples as it symbolizes marital fidelity. It also attracts sympathy and preserves the purity of the soul of those who wear it.

In addition, King Louis XIV had a rather curiously shaped sapphire hatpin, in a diamond shape, which can currently be admired at the History Museum in Paris. Queen Marie-Amélie owned an adornment adorned with sumptuous sapphires which is visible in the collections of the Louvre. The Duchess of Windsor made a strong impression with a magnificent sapphire cabochon featuring a panther.

In general, sapphires are from Burma, Australia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. But the biggest mines are in India: Burma and Kashmir. To unearth the sapphire, man tears the raw crystals in all shades and colors from the ground. We heat them to have the final color and we cut them to let the bewitching rays of light pass through.

It is therefore a fairly hard stone which manages to scratch the other stones apart from the diamond which can scratch the sapphire. It has several faces and everyone can find their preferences in terms of tones, colors and shapes. There is a sapphire called « Cashmere » which is highly sought after for its blue color which is also quite special.

Sapphires of all colors are due to the presence of impurities such as Iron, Chromium or Titanium which are found in Alumina Oxide, the first component of sapphire. Among the varieties of sapphire, three stand out: white sapphire, yellow corundum or yellow sapphire or golden sapphire and finally pink sapphire.

However, he still collects under his name the different colors of the corundum group: orange, yellow, pink and green. By its celestial color, the sapphire represents a link with the sky and all the kings had it. Some even wear it as a talisman, like the one that is still kept in the Cathedral of Reims until today.

Regarding the size, the oval is the most used shape but there are still sapphires in rectangle, cushion, pear. This stone is reputed as the celestial stone and for the Easterners, a precious most powerful talisman. It has the virtue of making people amiable, peaceful, pious, rich and it is said that it protects against the plague, betrayal, poverty and against the venoms of snakes.

Buying and selling Rubies

Name Origin

From the Latin "rubeus" which means red, it is the most expensive of all precious stones because of its rarity. The ruby ​​is the most precious of the 12 gems that God created. So to get it, researchers have to scour the world. Rubies over 5 carats are very rare. The most beautiful rubies come from limestone deposits and others are of volcanic origin. They are formed in a depth of 25-50 km.


Ruby is the stone of kings and it is always enthroned everywhere. It is therefore a royal stone that can be attributed to all ambitious people. The ruby ​​symbolizes fire and happiness. It brings joy and prosperity, it provides health and energy. It also preserves poisons and is considered a divinatory stone. It changes color when something bad happens. In severe illness, it tarnishes. So owning a ruby ​​promises a happy life and eternal happiness.

Thailand is the biggest ruby ​​market. Like sapphire, it belongs to the corundum group. Chrome oxide is responsible for its color and this color varies on shades of pinkish red to ruby ​​red and carmine to deep purplish red. Transparent rubies and very dark shades are the most sought after.

Since the 15th century, the most beautiful rubies have been located in central Burma, mainly in Mogok where they are mined. They are also found in Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Thailand. For rubies of volcanic origin, they are found in the former Soviet Republics. In India, China, Cambodia, Madagascar and Afghanistan, ruby ​​deposits also exist.

In the United States, rubies are mined in the state of Montana, in the mines of North Carolina. Some possess much greater values ​​than diamonds. These are the large clear rubies from Thailand and Burma. Ruby is second in hardness after diamond. It is possible to cut it of all kinds but the oval cut remains the most used.

If the ruby ​​is cut in cabochon, consequences can arise such as the presence of asterisms, that is to say that a 6-pointed star is visible inside the stone. And this kind of ruby ​​is among the most sought after, also called star rubies. In 1837, under a high temperature, the fusion of the pigment of the Chrome oxide and the stone of Alum made it possible to give birth to the synthetic rubies.

Improvements have since been made so that the production of these synthetic rubies resembles the real ones with the same characteristics. On natural rubies, inclusions are clearly visible but fortunately do not affect the quality of the stone. Professionals do not endorse these inclusions of serious flaws guaranteeing the authenticity of the genuine ruby ​​stone.