Buying and Selling Diamond Jewelry

Having a completely legal certificate, the purchase of diamond jewelry is also one of our prestigious functions. Regardless of their size and shape, all diamonds, whether colored or not, will receive the same treatment as antique, modern, gold, platinum or silver jewelry. Diamond bracelets, pins, brooches, diamond rings, earrings and necklaces are among the items that our house can negotiate, but you can also bring in other diamond items that you own. We will be happy to serve you with maximum honesty. Experienced laboratories work closely with us to fully enhance each diamond jewel presented. Setting, modification and any repair can be done on these jewels if the customer feels the desire to change, transform and also give a new face to their jewel. Payment by bank transfer is possible if the customer is afraid of carrying around cash in their bag after a successful transaction. Wherever you are, our website for buying gold on the internet is available for consultation. For those who have increased availability, nothing is better than a little trip to our store. Your diamond jewelry will be treated like a king. You will be completely shocked. Rest assured, every step will be facilitated to make your visit convenient. If by chance you have an extremely rare diamond jewel, call us and make an appointment. We will once again be amazed to put you on a pink cloud, so perfect will our work be and will make you feel an emotion of complete satisfaction never felt before.