Diamond Cuts and Shapes

Diamond Cut (The Cut) refers to the angles, proportions, and shape of a diamond.

It takes the skill of a master cutter (diamond cutter) to reveal the brilliance of the diamond, its fire, and ultimate beauty.

Based on complex scientific formulas, a well-cut diamond will reflect light from one facet to another, like a mirror, and disperse light through the top of the diamond, through the table.

Diamonds that are too thick or too shallow lose light from the sides or the bottom of the stone, so these diamonds will have less brilliance, fewer flashes of color (fire), and consequently, they will have less value.

The diamond cutter must decide during the cutting process whether to exclude or leave some inclusions in the diamond. The higher the clarity grade of the cut diamond, the more valuable it will be. The cutting process will have very little influence on the diamond’s final color grade.

Diamond cut also refers to the diamond’s cutting shape, such as round brilliant, pear, or heart. A round brilliant diamond is perfectly symmetrical and will reflect almost all the light that enters the stone. It is the most popular and in-demand cutting shape.

Other cutting shapes, known as “fancy cuts” (e.g., oval, pear, princess, radiant, cushion, etc.), are less standardized than the round brilliant shape.