Achat et vente de Pierres Précieuses à Bruxelles

Bruxelles Achat d’Or, apart from diamonds, focuses on other precious stones such as gemstones. Gemstone is the common name for certain gems that are considered rare, beautiful, and hard.

Four types are classified as follows:





So, for those who wish to create jewelry set with gemstones, be advised that with Bruxelles Achat d’Or, you will always be delighted. We are going to provide you with information about these jewels that you will feel the desire to fully understand by visiting us.

Our company also purchases all available gemstones. However, before delving into the specifics, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of these gemstones.

Originally, in their pure form, they were colorless, but the chemical elements present during their formation mixed and gave them their color. It can be said that all gemstones originate from two sources: biological or mineral. Throughout the centuries, they have been considered valuable and were used as a medium of exchange.

Great monarchs and royalty worldwide loved to adorn themselves with these jewels, as they are truly magnificent and powerful. These gemstones are renowned everywhere, as they represent objects of belief, and they are even attributed with medicinal and magical powers. Since then, science has progressed significantly, giving rise to a new classification and valuation system.

With these innovations, the term 'precious stone' is no longer limited to these four main stones but has expanded to include certain gemstones such as topaz, tanzanite, amethyst, garnet... To assess the quality of a gemstone, a series of criteria are required: carat weight, clarity, color, and the quality of the cut. It's important to note that one carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams.

Purchase and Sale of Emeralds

Name Origin

Emerald is derived from a Persian name but reached us in Latin as 'Smaragdus.' It belongs to the beryl family. The first emeralds were extracted in Egypt and the Indo-Iranian region we know as Afghanistan today. It is a gemstone with a hydrothermal origin.


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Scientists have explained that its formation is due to the intrusion of magma into rocks. Thus, the fusion of beryllium-rich rocks and rocks containing a lot of chromium gave birth to the gemstone. It may seem strange to find them in the same stone because theoretically, from a chemical perspective, these rocks are incompatible.

Beryllium determines the structure of the emerald, and chromium is responsible for the unique green color that animates this stone. Magma infiltrates the rocks, and their combination leads to the creation of fine hexagonal crystals. This union is not without consequences because most emeralds are not of good quality but rather clear and opaque.

Rare emeralds are of a very intense and clear green color. Their purity is their flaw because even beautiful emeralds contain tiny inclusions. Emerald is also a two-sided gemstone that can bring good luck. It requires unwavering loyalty from the person who wears it.

Purchase and Sale of Sapphire

Name Origin

The origin of this name is Oriental, and in Hebrew, it literally means 'the most beautiful thing.' As sapphires are truly and traditionally blue, you can find various shades from the deepest to the palest, which vaguely resemble the sky. From deep sea blue to a wild blue like the eyes of a Burmese cat, it symbolizes the mysterious woman.


The light of the sapphire calls for caution, fidelity, and ensures lasting peace in the soul. Overall, sapphire is an ideal gemstone for couples as it symbolizes marital fidelity. It also attracts sympathy and preserves the purity of the souls of those who wear it.

Nevertheless, it still gathers under its name the various colors of the corundum group: orange, yellow, pink, and green. With its celestial color, the sapphire represents a connection with the heavens, and all kings owned them. Some even wear it as a talisman, like the one that is still kept in Reims Cathedral to this day.

Moreover, King Louis XIV had a rather curious diamond-shaped sapphire hatpin, which can currently be admired at the Museum of History in Paris. Queen Marie-Amélie possessed a set adorned with sumptuous sapphires, which is visible in the collections of the Louvre. The Duchess of Windsor made a strong impression with a magnificent sapphire cabochon adorned with a panther.

In general, sapphires come from Burma, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. But the largest mines are in India: Burma and Kashmir. To unearth the sapphire, people extract raw crystals from the earth in all shades and colors. They heat them to obtain the final color and cut them to allow the enchanting rays of light to pass through.

It is a relatively hard stone that can scratch other stones except for diamonds, which can scratch sapphires. It presents several facets, and everyone can find their preferences in terms of tones, colors, and shapes. There is a sapphire known as ‘Kashmir,’ highly sought after for its unique blue color.

Sapphires of all colors are due to the presence of impurities such as iron, chromium, or titanium found in aluminum oxide, the primary component of sapphire. Among the sapphire varieties, three stand out: white sapphire, yellow corundum or yellow sapphire, and pink sapphire.

As for the cut, the oval is the most commonly used shape, but there are also sapphires in rectangle, cushion, and pear shapes. This gemstone is renowned as the celestial stone, and for the Easterners, it is the most powerful talisman. It is said to have the virtue of making one amiable, peaceful, pious, and wealthy, and it is believed to protect against plague, treachery, poverty, and snake venom.

Purchase and Sale of Ruby

Name Origin

From the Latin 'rubeus,' which means red, it is the most expensive of all gemstones due to its rarity. Ruby is the most precious of the 12 gemstones created by God. To obtain it, researchers must scour the world. Rubies over 5 carats are very rare. The most beautiful rubies come from limestone deposits, while others have a volcanic origin. They are formed at a depth of 25 to 50 kilometers.


Ruby symbolizes fire and happiness. It brings joy and prosperity, provides health and energy. It also protects against poisons and is considered a divinatory stone. It changes color when misfortune is imminent. In the case of a serious illness, it loses its luster. Therefore, owning a ruby promises a happy life and eternal happiness. The size of the ruby is necessary in its evaluation.

Thailand is the largest market for rubies. Just like sapphires, rubies belong to the corundum group. Chromium oxide is responsible for their color, which varies from shades of pinkish-red to ruby red and from carmine to deep purplish-red. Transparent rubies and very dark hues are the most sought after.

Since the 15th century, the finest rubies have been found in central Burma, primarily in Mogok, where they are mined. They are also found in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. For rubies of volcanic origin, they can be found in the former Soviet republics. In India, China, Cambodia, Madagascar, and Afghanistan, there are also ruby deposits.

In the United States, rubies are mined in Montana and North Carolina. Some have much higher values than diamonds, especially the large, clear rubies from Thailand and Burma. Ruby ranks second in terms of hardness after diamond. It can be cut in various shapes, but the oval cut is the most commonly used.

If a ruby is cut in a cabochon style, certain consequences can occur, such as the presence of asterisms, meaning a six-pointed star is visible inside the stone. This kind of ruby is among the most sought after and is also known as a star ruby. In 1837, under high temperature, the fusion of chromium oxide pigment and alum stone gave birth to synthetic rubies.

Improvements have been made since to ensure that the production of these synthetic rubies closely resembles the real ones with the same characteristics. In natural rubies, inclusions are clearly visible but do not affect the quality of the stone, fortunately. Professionals do not consider these inclusions as serious defects, thus guaranteeing the authenticity of genuine rubies.

These inclusions also help determine the location where the stone was found. Ruby is the stone of kings and is always held in high regard. It is a royal gem that can be attributed to all the ambitious.

With its experience, Bruxelles Achat d’or invites everyone to fulfill their ambitions in the world of gemstones. Whether you choose ruby, sapphire, or emerald, the choice is vast. It’s best to have them all because each possesses enormous characteristics, and our establishment is ready to assist you. So, don’t wait any longer and come visit us.