Buying various gold, Silver, diamond jewelry, antique jewelry, branded jewelry, silverware, Broken Jewelry and luxury watches at the best market price.



Bruxelles Achat d’Or offers you the unique opportunity to be paid in cash* for the sale of your gold, your diamond jewelry, your silver items, or even your antique jewelry.

Get a free estimate by visiting our expert office (63, Chaussée de Charleroi) in the Louise district in Brussels or via the online form on our website.

Renowned for our professionalism and seriousness, we conduct transactions with the utmost transparency.

Honesty, discretion, and customer respect are fundamental values of Bruxelles Achat d’Or wether  you are buying or selling gold, silver, jewelry, diamonds, gemstones in Brussels and more!

*Payment in cash or by transfer to your bank account.

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We Buy Gold Jewelry

Sell your gold jewelry, gold rings, gold pendants, gold bracelets, gold wedding rings, gold necklaces, and gold piercings in Brussels.

We Buy Diamond Jewelry​

Sell your diamond rings, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, diamond watches, diamond necklaces, and diamond jewelry in Brussels.

We Buy Gold

Sell your gold jewelry, gold pendants, gold bracelets, gold wedding bands, gold necklaces, broken jewelry and gold piercings in Brussels.


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Achat Bijoux

Nous reprenons, bijoux en or, pendentifs en or, bracelets en or, alliance en or, colliers en or, perçing en or.

Achat Or

Nous reprenons, Krugerrand, pesos, Napoléon, Souverain, Nugget, American eagle, Maple leaf, et autres.

Achat de Bijoux en Diamants​

Nous reprenons, bagues de diamant, bracelets en diamants, Boucles d’oreilles en diamant, Colliers en diamants, bijoux diamant.


Voir ce que les clients disent de nous

Excellent service

Excellent experience with this store. Very professional service, great honesty and transparency, which is not easy to find among competitors. Avri is very attentive and reliable. Honestly, don’t hesitate for a moment to go there!


A reassuring place, a simple, friendly, and competent welcome. I had weighed and evaluated before coming and I got more than I wished for, which proves the honesty and seriousness of the gentleman who received me on September 17th and whom I thank again!
I recommend it because you can go there with your eyes closed and with complete confidence!


One of the elements that sets them apart from other gold buying stores is that they take the time to listen, understand, and explain the appraisal procedure. In the end, the price is fair, the professionalism is evident, and the relationship is genuine because the stakes are reputation and customer loyalty. Highly recommended for their reliability.


Simple, Fast, and Ultra-secure. Get cash for your gold!​

Send us your contact form attached at the top right (free estimate). Our buyer will get in touch with you and provide a free estimate, with no obligation on your part. Whether you’re looking to sell gold, sell diamonds, or sell watches, we strive to give you the best possible price.

Brussels Gold Purchase (Bruxelles Achat d’Or) is a comprehensive service for buying all kinds of jewelry, gold, and diamonds. We will always offer you the most accurate and competitive prices reflecting the same day’s market value. Learn more.

Where are we?

Chaussée de Charleroi 63, 1060 Bruxelles

Gold Buying in Brussels

Idle gold won’t add value to your bank account. Bruxelles Achat d`Or offers to purchase all your gold items regardless of their karat. From our expert office located in the heart of the Belgian capital or through our online form, our specialists will quickly provide you with a sales estimate for your gold.

Gold Jewelry

If you’re looking to sell your gold jewelry, know that we buy both antique and modern pieces. As specialists in gold buying in Brussels, one of our experts will carefully evaluate your gold jewelry to provide an accurate estimate. Indeed, only they can determine the true value as there are many pitfalls.

For instance, the hallmark isn’t always a reliable indicator, contrary to what many believe. Firstly, very small gold items or objects aren’t required to have a hallmark, which would be challenging to place. But hallmarks haven’t always existed nor been mandatory. Thus, old gold jewelry might not have a hallmark. Moreover, hallmarks have evolved over time. The horse-shaped hallmark, for example, was only used from 1838 to 1919. That’s why only an expert can accurately determine the repurchase price of your gold jewelry.

Gold Coins

Bruxelles Achat d`Or purchases any gold coin you wish to sell at the best market price. These can have various names like Napoleon, Sovereign, Krugerrand, and Florin… but there are also US Dollars, Pesos, and even Tunisian or Swiss gold Francs. Here again, only a gold-buying expert in Brussels can provide an exact estimate to offer a precise quote.

Gold Bars

While the London Gold Fixing sets the international gold rate, including for bars, twice a day, this rate doesn’t match the public gold selling rate. However, our gold buying specialists in Brussels have extensive expertise to offer a repurchase price for your gold bars.

Unlike gold coins, bars, and Vera Valor have a hallmark attesting to their origin and quality. This hallmark comes with a certificate from the approved assayer confirming the essential characteristics of your gold bar, including its weight and purity.

Silver Buying in Brussels

Although our expert office is named Bruxelles Achat d`Or, we also purchase silver items and jewelry, as well as platinum items. Consult one of our experts if you wish to sell your old silver jewelry; they can explain their value for free.

Silver items like silverware can also be interesting to sell. Based on various criteria, you might be offered a quote that meets your expectations. Indeed, while purity and weight are crucial decision factors, the era of silver items or jewelry, their manufacturing type, and their rarity are also data our experts consider to offer the best possible price.

Diamond Buying in Brussels

Bruxelles Achat d`Or is a renowned specialist in diamond buying in Brussels. For decades, our team has been evaluating diamonds to offer you the best price. Whether they’re set on jewelry or not, we can inform you about a repurchase amount without any commitment on your part.

This amount is determined by our diamond-buying experts in Brussels based on several criteria, the main ones being the famous 4Cs and the current rate. Thus, clarity, color, carat, and cut will influence the final amount, just as the current diamond rate will define the price.

Emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and other precious or semi-precious stones can be bought in our expert office. Again, whether they’re set or not won’t influence the free quote you’ll be offered.

Our Values

Bruxelles Achat d`Or places great importance on the values that have made its reputation. We’re aware that some gold-buying companies have practices that are far from professional, which is why we ensure that the values we’ve upheld for decades are respected both by our expert office staff and our website team.

Professionalism and Integrity

All the individuals welcoming you to our expert office in the Louise district, located in the center of Brussels, have the necessary skills for buying gold, silver, diamonds, and jewelry. Thanks to their many years of experience and the rigor they demonstrate in their evaluations, our specialists can quickly and accurately determine a repurchase price. The quote offered to you will, of course, involve no obligation on your part.

Discretion and Confidentiality

Our profession as experts in rare metals and precious stones requires the utmost discretion, guaranteed by the seclusion of our expert office and our team’s training. Thus, you can have your assets evaluated for sale in complete confidentiality.

Safety and Respect

Equipped with high-level security, our expert office provides ideal conditions for gold and other precious item transactions against payment. In this safe and reliable environment, you can be paid immediately after accepting our quote.

Respecting the client is a core value at Bruxelles Achat d`Or, which is why we pay special attention to it. You’ll be individually assisted in each of your consultations, conducted transparently. You’ll benefit from a free and immediate evaluation of the assets you wish to sell.

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