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Bruxelles Achat d’Or

If you are wondering where to sell your gold, your diamonds, one or more brand watches, your jewelry or precious stones, and how to receive the best price, the answer is in the following lines.

We are Bruxelles Achat d’Or. We offer you cash for your gold in Brussels and cash for other products such as gold bars, gold coins, diamonds, diamond rings, diamond jewelry, engagement rings, chains, rings, broken gold, broken jewelry, silver, silverware, gemstones, and precious metals such as platinum.

The most important thing for us as a company, that aligns with our core values is that we exist to make you feel comfortable during a procedure that may be delicate for you such as selling gold in Brussels. Our mission is to gain your trust, and to make you completely satisfied as our customer. 

We are aware that we are not the only ones in the market where you can sell your gold. But we promise that with us you will always get the most honest and fairest price on the market in Brussels. Our long experience is at your service during each transaction. The process is quick and completely confidential. We treat our customers and clients like kings!

Our prices are safe and without a catch! We answer all your questions and alleviate all your concerns or problems. We are well-established and are a company known and recognized for its seriousness, reliability, and honesty. Check out our Google Reviews from our customers!

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Opening hours:​
Monday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Closed on Sunday.
Bruxelles Achat d’Or

Please know that we are a company that has achieved its worldwide renown thanks to the quality and service of our work that you will not find anywhere else in Brussels.

Our well-crafted and refined products delight all of our customers. Brussels Achat d’Or is located in Belgium more precisely in Brussels and we have an online store so that everyone can access it and visit our site so beautifully arranged with illustrations of images which represent all the valuable jewels that exist on this good old land.

Jewels? Yes, our business is based on jewelry, gold, diamonds, gemstones and other wonders that revolve around the world of precious metals. Our experts, who are integral members of the Stock Exchange, are our asset in building loyalty and confidence in our customers and encouraging them to come back to always benefit from the best price in Brussels.

Bruxelles Achat d’Or, an opportunity!

Are you wondering how could this be possible? Come see us and you will be amazed! You will want to come back every time you need our servicest just because our exceptional atmosphere that we reserve for all our customers, whether future or former. Don’t hesitate to bring your gold coins and gold bars that are sleeping at the bottom of a drawer.

We will be happy to examine and jewelry, diamonds, gemstones and more to provide you with advice as to the exact possible price that you can get for it in Brussels. With several experiences in the field, you should not have the slightest doubt in our expertise, your jewelry will be well treated and you are safe with us!

Don’t be afraid if you have jewelry that is broken or damaged, we accept all valuable products that customers bring in. Even those who come just for information will be welcome and will have the unique welcome that sets us apart from our competitors. The customer is king, that is our motto. A motto that has helped us reach a fairly high level globally. Do us a favor and come see us at!

Bruxelles Achat d’Or: Services

Numerous companies within this industry may provide similar services, but ours undoubtedly stands apart. When you choose us, you will experience personalized and confidential treatment, ensuring you are in capable hands. Our meticulous attention to each case guarantees maximum satisfaction, with even the most trivial inquiries receiving logical answers tailored to the industry.

We offer a complimentary evaluation of all presented jewelry, providing you with the assurance and trust to work with us confidently. Our expertise extends to the acquisition of fine, large, and antique diamonds in various shapes and colors, always at a competitive price. Collaborating with reputable laboratories, we ensure certification, cleaning, and setting of diamonds. Likewise, we specialize in the restoration and repair of jewelry.

Whether for engagements, weddings, birthdays, or celebrations, consult with us for expert guidance on rings, wedding rings, or brooches crafted in platinum, gold, diamond, or silver. Our commitment extends to creating custom rings or wedding bands in the metal of your preference. For those possessing heirloom jewelry, we offer modification services, and if the decision is to sell, our highly qualified staff manages the process with utmost care, ensuring fairness for all parties involved.

Bruxelles Achat d’or: Best price!

Our commitment to a consistent and equitable pricing policy extends to all cases, without exception. Gone are the days of merely dreaming about securing a favorable deal when selling your gold in Brussels; the opportunity is now within your grasp. Our company also deals with other interest such as all things silver, including coins, sterling silver cutlery, antiques, and medals, among other items. Even seemingly insignificant jewelry finds value with us; bring it in for a comprehensive review, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Discretion is our guiding principle, as we are attuned to the importance of maintaining a poised and attentive demeanor, especially in the presence of discerning and curious clientele. For gold coins, whether you are a professional or an individual, substantial savings of up to 8% can be realized with us, an advantage that is scarcely attainable in France. During the assessment of presented jewelry, our specialists provide detailed insights, offering customers valuable information essential to understanding the intrinsic worth of their items.

Our dedicated staff underscores the seriousness with which we approach our work, striving to meet all conceivable requirements, recognizing that the success of our establishment hinges on the quality of service we provide.

Our assistance extends to those seeking guidance, particularly in sales consultations and for professionals from renowned brands who frequently rely on our expertise. A minimum carat rating is a prerequisite for gold items, whether damaged, shattered, broken, or brand new. Look no further; choose Brussels Achat d’Or, a unique and unparalleled broken jewelry buyes in Brussels.

Assemble your jewelry in a box, present it to us, and witness the outcome! Without undue self-praise, our company seamlessly blends professionalism with quality. Despite the endeavors of competitors to emulate us, none have succeeded. Visit us, even on a whim, and relish the moments spent in our store, as your eyes gleam with delight at the sight of enchanting gold and silver jewelry that transport you into a world of splendor.

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