Buying and Selling Old Jewelry

Whether you want to purchase old jewelry or, conversely, sell your old jewelry, Bruxelles Achat d’Or is your preferred partner in Belgium and neighboring countries such as France or Luxembourg. Indeed, if we welcome you to our expertise office in the Louise district of Brussels, you can also benefit from a personalized study via the online form on our website.

Buying and selling old jewelry requires real expertise in order to establish an accurate assessment of its price. Indeed, it is not a question here of matching the weight to a price since many other parameters are taken into account in the constitution of the latter. Therefore, our team of experts will focus in particular on the following points:

  • Quality and weight of the precious metal with which the ancient jewelry was made
  • Quantity and type of precious stones set on the jewelry
  • Jewelry technique used and time of creation of the jewelry concerned
  • Prestige and rarity of the good and/or the artisan jeweler, of the brand

It is because our jewelry experts are driven by a great passion for jewelry of all kinds that we have been able to acquire for many years now the reputation for seriousness and professionalism that is ours. This expertise in jewelry will allow you to benefit from the best possible price for the sale or purchase of old or second-hand jewelry.

Difference between antique jewelry and second-hand jewelry

It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between old jewelry and second-hand jewelry. Where is the limit ? What makes one different from the other? The answer is ultimately quite simple: a piece of jewelry is considered old when it is more than 50 years old and therefore, conversely, a piece of jewelry is considered second-hand when it is less than 50 years old. Thus, the condition of the jewelry does not influence its qualification as antique jewelry or second-hand jewelry.

This is an important point taken into account when establishing a free quote by our experts because Bruxelles Achat d’Or has the equipment and expertise necessary to carry out the sometimes necessary repair of your jewelry. It is therefore with the strictest respect for the techniques used that we work on jewelry that needs repair to regain its former splendor.

Types of antique jewelry

The purchase of antique jewelry is part of our recognized expertise which has allowed us to acquire the great notoriety that is ours today. Our experts are trained in different jewelry techniques and know how to distinguish them and identify the history of the jewelry.

Jewelry techniques

Although many techniques exist, there are essentially three types of jewelry that we face when our clients come to present their item to us for a free evaluation. We thus find artisanal jewelry, Art Nouveau jewelry and Art Deco jewelry. More recent techniques actually classify jewelry in the “second-hand” category, as we were able to explain to you previously.

Artisanal jewelry is not associated with a particular era or technique except that it was produced manually by an artisan and not industrially. There is thus a very wide variety of artisanal jewelry which are distinguished from each other by their original creations but also their geographical origin. Indeed, Russian craftsmanship is different from, for example, Egyptian craftsmanship and only one of our experts in purchasing antique jewelry will be able to make the distinction to offer you the best possible price.

From 1890, we saw the emergence of a new style of jewelry: Art Nouveau. He will revolutionize the creation of jewelry and all of the arts. Often using so-called “simple” metals such as iron, copper or brass, his creations are all curves and asymmetries. We regularly find the theme of women or nature as inspiration for old Art Nouveau jewelry. One of the most famous designers of Art Nouveau jewelry is the famous jeweler Tiffany.

Twenty years later, around 1910, Art Nouveau evolved into a new style which would leave a timeless imprint, particularly with its architectural achievements: Art Deco. This is in fact the style used to create the famous Chrysler Building in New York whose spire seems to pierce the sky. This style, strongly influenced by Cubism, presents abstract and geometric shapes. Art Deco jewelry goes wonderfully well with the light outfits of women of the time.

Types of antique jewelry

Ancient jewelry presents a wide variety of shapes, whatever the creation technique used or their geographical origin. We thus find earrings, rings, wedding rings or even signet rings.

But there are also sublime cufflinks, especially for the Art Deco period, as well as bracelets, bracelets and bangles which, for their part, are found in all periods and all styles.

Necklaces, pendants, brooches, tie pins, amulets, cameos, chains, rosaries, medals, medallions and other types of ancient jewelry have spanned the ages. Made with the greatest attention by passionate jewelers, they will be appraised with the greatest attention by our team.

To benefit from a free quote, you can come and meet us in the greatest discretion in our expertise office in the Louise district of Brussels or contact us online via the online form on our website.