Buying and Selling Solid Silver Cutlery in Belgium

Bruxelles Achat d’Or is your reference for purchasing silver cutlery in Belgium. We are among the most reliable and secure silver buyers in Belgium and Europe.

We buy all solid silver cutlery, whether they are complete sets or mismatched pieces.

We buy silver in Brussels, whether it’s your silver ladles, silver spoons, silver knives, or silver forks, we are interested in all styles, sizes, brands, and eras, both antique silver and modern, and we value them at a very good price.

It is important to note that so-called silver cutlery can also be silver-plated; in this case, the value is quite different.

The hallmark indicates the proportion of silver, which varies from 800 to 925 thousandths, including 825 thousandths and sterling 925. The monetary value of your items will depend on the hallmark. But it’s not just the hallmark that matters. The era, origin, brand, and various master hallmarks are also taken into account.

If you don’t see a hallmark, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your cutlery doesn’t have the value you hoped for. There can be pleasant surprises!

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Tips to help you get the best value for your silver cutlery in Brussels:

  • Clean and polish your silver cutlery.
  • Research your silver cutlery buyer
  • Check current silver prices in Brussels
  • Group complementary pieces together

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How to Estimate the Value of My Solid Silver Cutlery?

Indeed, the absence of a hallmark is not always a reliable indicator to determine if your solid silver cutlery has value. This is particularly true for fine handmade pieces where it can happen that the silversmith simply forgets to affix the hallmark at the end of their work, as they are crafted by hand. Additionally, very old solid silver items may not have a hallmark since its mandatory use has only been in effect since 1838.

There may be other reasons explaining the absence of a hallmark on solid silver cutlery. For example, items weighing less than 10 grams or those with a religious character are not required to have a hallmark. However, in general, these cases are more complex, and only experts like those at Brussels Gold Buying can provide you with explanations. Thus, we can precisely inform you about the quality of your solid silver cutlery, the exact silver content, the value of the craftsmanship, and, consequently, their exact price.

Starting by Appraising Your Solid Silver Cutlery Yourself

However, in most cases, a hallmark will be present on your solid silver or silver-plated cutlery. For instance, the Minerva’s head hallmark designates silver at 800/1000, 925, and 950. Crab or wild boar head hallmarks are used for small silver works at 800. Finally, the swan hallmark is used for imported silver. In this last case, the silver content may vary, and only an expert equipped with appropriate tools can inform you about its exact fineness.

What is meant by Silverware?

The term silverware generically refers to all domestic items made of solid silver or silver-plated metal, and even vermeil (silver plated with gold). This term encompasses much more than just the cutlery that comes to mind spontaneously. So, knives, forks, and spoons are part of silverware, just like silver plates and serving dishes. We also find many other silver objects in households that are part of silverware, such as sugar bowls, candleholders, silver photo frames, and so on.

As you can see, many domestic items can be valued by selling them to experts in buying and selling solid silver. To determine their exact value, you can visit our appraisal office in the Louise district of Brussels or submit a quote request through the online form available on our website.

Purchase of Solid Silver Cutlery: The Case of Incomplete Sets

Over time, or sometimes through inheritance, it can happen that all or part of the cutlery is missing in a set of solid silver cutlery. For example, if some knives are missing from the set, is it possible to make a purchase offer for the solid silver cutlery in Belgium?

The answer is yes! Even incomplete sets of solid silver cutlery can be offered for sale. However, it is important to keep in mind that their value will be depreciated. Indeed, the price evaluation takes into account various parameters that we have presented previously, and whether the set is complete or incomplete is one of them. However, the silver content, weight, and other parameters considered will help determine the value of your property.

The Importance of Brand for the Purchase of Solid Silver Cutlery

Some brands are synonymous with prestige and often signify quality. While names like Christofle and Ercuis come to mind quickly, there are also other manufacturers of solid silver cutlery. For example, the artisan Aubry Cadoret, based in Paris, specializes in creating solid silver cutlery, and the value of their productions competes with that of the most prestigious brands.

However, the absence of a brand on your solid silver cutlery does not necessarily mean that they have no value. Firstly, they have a value related to their weight and the silver content. However, the period of creation and the method used by the artisan for their design will influence the estimation that Bruxelles Achat d’Or can provide. This is why it is important to have your solid silver cutlery appraised by experts capable of providing you with all this additional and precise information.

Buying Solid Silver Cutlery in Belgium

Considering all this information, you might be interested in selling your solid silver cutlery that you no longer need. Bruxelles Achat d’Or has specialized in the purchase of these items for many years. We will welcome you to our expertise office in the Louise district of Brussels to provide you with a precise and free estimate of your solid silver or silver-plated items. You can also take advantage of our expertise by submitting a quote request through the online form available on our website. This process is also entirely free.

How to Identify Genuine Solid Silver Cutlery

When assessing the value of your silver cutlery, it’s essential to understand the key indicators of authenticity. While hallmarks are crucial, examining the craftsmanship, period of creation, and other unique features can provide additional insights. In this section, we delve into the nuances that make your solid silver cutlery valuable.

The Intricacies of Hallmarks and Their Significance

While the text briefly mentions hallmarks, it’s crucial to expand on their significance. Different hallmarks indicate various silver compositions, and understanding them is crucial for determining the authenticity and value of your cutlery. This section provides a detailed exploration of common hallmarks, including Minerva’s head, crab, boar’s head, and the swan.

Collectible Brands: Beyond Christofle and Ercuis

While renowned brands like Christofle and Ercuis hold prestige, there are other noteworthy craftsmen and houses in the field of solid silver cutlery. Exploring lesser-known yet reputable brands, such as Aubry Cadoret, sheds light on the diverse market of silverware. This section highlights the importance of brand recognition and its impact on the value of your cutlery.

Silverware Beyond Cutlery: Exploring Versatility

The term “silverware” encompasses a broad spectrum of household items. Beyond the traditional knives, forks, and spoons, silver plates, serving dishes, sugar bowls, candle holders, and photo frames are considered valuable silverware. This section broadens the perspective on what constitutes collectible silver items and encourages a comprehensive assessment of your possessions.

Inherited Treasures: Navigating the Value of Family Heirlooms

In cases of inheritance, assessing the value of your silver cutlery involves more than just counting missing pieces. This section discusses the sentimental and historical value attached to family heirlooms, emphasizing the importance of considering these aspects in the appraisal process. It guides readers on evaluating the worth of incomplete sets within a broader context.

The Role of Experts: Leveraging Professional Appraisals

While self-assessment is valuable, seeking expert opinions adds a layer of precision to the valuation process. This section emphasizes the role of professional appraisers, like those at Bruxelles Achat d`Or, in providing accurate and detailed information about the quality, craftsmanship, and market value of your solid silver cutlery.

Selling Your Silver: Streamlined Processes and Free Appraisals

For those considering selling their silver cutlery, understanding the selling process is essential. This section outlines the streamlined processes offered by Bruxelles Achat d`Or, emphasizing the convenience of visiting their expertise office or utilizing the online form for a free appraisal. It aims to guide readers through the steps of selling their valuable silverware.

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